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He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature.  Socrates


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The Belfast Naturalists' Field Club was formed just over 150 years ago and is an eclectic mix of amateurs and professionals who are interested and enthusiastic about the natural sciences and the built environment.

The Club has four sections open to all members - Archaeology & History, Botany, Geology and Zoology.

You definitely don't need to be an expert to join. We welcome and encourage anyone who has an interest in the natural world to become a member. Memberships costs only £14.00 a year for adults, £1.00 for juniors and £5.00 for students.

Members have access to the experts who lead our Summer Field Trips as well as our series of Winter Lectures in the Ulster Museum.

You can find out more about our ongoing activities on our Facebook page -

Belfast Naturalists’ Field Club (BNFC)


Tuesday 1st


Tuesday 8th

The Year of the Fly


Tuesday 12th

Using Equestrianism to enhance our understanding of the late Iron Age in Ireland


Tues 10th

Ireland’s Cattle - Shaping our culture, landscapes and wildlife through the ages

January 2020

Tues 14h

Wallace’s Line and the biogeographical contrast between Australasian and South -east Asian Rain Forests


Tues 11th

Dawn of the Modern World: Life, Death and Rain in the Triassic


Tues 3rd

Club Luncheon followed by -

The Bigger Family Picture: From 1798 to Partition

Tues 10th

Ancient Irish DNA


Tues 7th

Annual General Meeting followed by -

Finding the seclusive bees of Ireland

Winter Programme

at a glance

Mushroom Stone,  Field trip to County Offaly,June 2019